Technical Services

The different products purchased by Terval are shipped by barge through the Albert Canal to the site of Ile Monsin.  The products are then screened, crushed, washed or blended accordingly.

Five production units are in operation from 6.00 a.m. till 10.00 p.m., 5 days a week. Operations continue over the weekend when necessary.

Broyage séchage:
Le broyage séchage se fait à Lixhe (Province de Liège)
Capacité : 70.000 tonnes par an.

Washing :
Before washing the coal, the base product is first crushed and screened to sort out the fines. This ensures that only the requested sized material is washed.

The washing plant can process up to 120 tons/hour, which amounts to approx. 1900 tons per day.

Screening :
In addition to the 5 production units, Terval has a coal screening plant specifically used for particular standardized products.

The product is crushed to the size requested by the customer.

Over time, Terval has specialized in homogenous blending of different types of coal so that we can deliver the best possible quality to our customers.

Stocking :
Area: 13 ha
Stocking capacity: 3000.000 to 5000.000 tons
Halls: 18.500m2

Analyses :
Terval has its own laboratory on site. The quality of all incoming and outgoing material is thoroughly analyzed. The analysis results are compared to those from an independent laboratory agreed upon by parties involved to ensure results are accurate and reliable.

Analyses Performed :
- Calorific Value
- Moisture
- Sulphur
- Volatile matter
- Ash
- Fixed Carbon
- Chlorine
- Sizing